Improved productivity and quality of 2.5D machining

Trio provides motion-first machine solutions for applications involving 2.5 axes of motion in cutting, etching and gluing, including laser, plasma, water jet, and textile cutting machines. Trio designs and manufactures motion controllers, I/O systems, servo drives and motors. Along with its global engineering partners, Trio also creates bespoke 2.5D machine applications for OEMs.

From metal machining to laser engraving or cutting textiles, Trio has worked with OEMs to increase the performance of their machines with cost-effective, scalable control. This means integrating automation and motion control to create more productive machines. With pressure to increase the speed of development, it’s fast and simple for engineers to create applications with Trio technology.

Increasing productivity and quality

From milling to CNC to glue laying, the key requirement of 2.5D machines is product quality, achieved through accuracy and precision. This has to be matched with fast production speed to ensure high productivity. To achieve this level of performance, optimising your machine’s motion control is essential. Motion-first machine solutions are Trio’s expertise.

Faster and more accurate motion synchronisation

  • Precise control with EtherCAT cycle times down to just 125 us
  • High processing power with up to 64 bit motion calculations
  • Motion core including kinematics plus linear, circular, helical and spherical interpolation, as well as flexible CAM shapes and Linked Motion

Reducing downtime and boosting productivity

  • Controller, drive and motor package provides seamless integration for reliable operation
  • Comprehensive applications development, support and field service
  • Start-up and change over cycle time minimised with absolute encoders that eliminate homing cycles

Reducing time and cost of machine development

Developing a machine with faster time to market is key for an OEM. For machine users, whether cutting textiles or metal machining, the ability to make rapid application changes is also crucial. Trio’s control solutions provide fast, simple programming and development that enable rapid changes to maintain high productivity.

Simple set-up

  • Fast application programming and commissioning is achieved through a single software that includes Trio’s intuitive motion development, as well as IEC61131 and PLCopen programming
  • Template-based approach speeds up application development time and reduces engineering resource requirements
  • Simulation tools eliminate risk in live deployment and speed up development

Lower cost machines

  • Scalable, motion-centric controllers with extensive logic capability, I/O integration and IEC programming can remove requirement for a separate PLC
  • Choice of servo and stepper motor control provides a cost-effective solution choice
  • Integrated control solution including controller, drive and motor minimises cost of set-up and maintenance