Increase battery manufacturing productivity with optimised machine automation

For lithium battery production applications, machines must ensure high throughput matched with control accuracy. Trio helps machine builders achieve this by providing control solutions that combine high speed and precision motion with scalable automation.

The productivity and quality of the processes within lithium battery manufacture are highly dependent on axis control and synchronisation. Trio’s expertise is focused on motion synchronisation supported with flexible and scalable automation solutions.

Trio manufactures motion-centric controllers, I/O systems, HMIs, servo drives and motors, as well as SCARA robots, and development takes place within a single, easy to use software environment. Trio also designs and supports applications for OEM machine builders.

Separator stripping machine

  • Fast response with high performance EtherCAT control and cycle times down to 125 us, with a cutting efficiency of 200 M/Min
  • Unwinding speed is adjusted in real time and maintains constant material surface tension
  • Rewinding axis controlled by tension taper to reduce internal stress of the media
  • Precision control ensures entirely smooth product quality and optimal hardness of curled surface

Electrode die cutting machine

  • Multi-axis synchronous control across front and rear traction, storage, punching and other stations, maintain precise synchronisation with accuracy above 0.01mm
  • High speed EtherCAT communications across the system with cycle times as fast as 125 us
  • Built-in winding and unwinding tension control algorithm ensures tension control accuracy and punching precision
  • Continuous punching with efficiency of 200PPM and slice punching accuracy at ±0.01mm

Automatic laminating machine

  • Efficiency increased as a result of multi-axis synchronous cam control algorithm and adaptive unwinding synchronisation algorithm
  • Precision improvement through servo tension control and pendulum PID adjustment to ensure diaphragm tension stability
  • Fast machine changeover with adaptive algorithm providing an automatic match for different battery cell types
  • Reduced machine size and cost through simple wiring that minimises cabinet space plus flexible control of servo, stepper or linear motors

Automatic sealing machine

  • Multi-axis control supporting servo, stepper and direct drive motors, as well as integrated robot control
  • Automatic rectification of the system material coil plus tension control of aluminium film automatic floating roller
  • Flexible servo punching shell system with adjustable
  • System supports separate packaging and testing of the right and left corners of the battery

Integrated tab forming & winding machine for cylindrical & prismatic batteries

  • Real time axis control via EtherCAT across up to 128 axes
  • Built-in two-way servo touch probe for high-precision positioning and fixed-length control of traction axis
  • Cutting precision increased through chasing shear algorithm for simultaneous control of encoder and cutter axes
  • High accuracy tension control with low fluctuation range, plus high winding CAM speeds with controller storing winding CAM data