We offer a fixed price repair service via our distributor network.

All repair items should be returned to the distributor outlet where it was purchased from. If you do not know the distributor, please contact Trio at: . If possible, to aid repair, we ask that you provide details regarding the potential fault, or symptoms you are experiencing.

Before posting any Trio products containg lithium batteries, please read this note...

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Please download the form, fill it in and return it along with the component to repair to your distributor. For repair costs, please contact your distributor.

Previously, as an alternative to repair, we offered a 50% Exchange Discount Scheme. Unfortunately, due to the current global shortage of electronic chips, with reluctance we are suspending this scheme as it is not sustainable in the current market. When the supply issues are resolved, we will reconsider the offer again.

We have also provided a new repair request form below. Please download and use this new version when sending in your repair.

Repair Request Form (docx format) (log in)